Salah Al-Shatti

Fitness & Wellness Coach


Salah AL-Shatti is motivated, positive, and energy personified. With over 20 years of experience in fitness, Salah works as a group instructor, personal trainer, and coach who brings good vibes and good energy to all. His love for sports and the physical world led him to become a fitness Trainer and Wellness coach. In his 20s he began his fitness journey by teaching outdoor classes in 2013 and felt an immediate connection to the coaching. This path led him to launching Functional gym “Vitality Fitness Center” in 2015. 
He has since expanded to specialties in bodyweight workouts, HIIT, strength and conditioning, Mobility, Runners programs, Performance athletic training, Rehab and more. He runs different types of workshops and lectures. 
He currently performs the Live classes for all-levels for the SAL community.
Salah’s classes will challenge you, make you sweat, and push you to the next level where you reach a limitless space. 



Courses by Salah